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  1. F1 for the water apparently….could be very interesting

  2. Christopher Grigg 2 years ago

    Hi I check out your website often and thought you might like to share some australian supermoto action. I wanted to go to it but i am stuck at home with a broken leg anyway. check it out on facebook. Cheers Christopher

    • Author
      admin 2 years ago

      Hi, thanks man. Get healed up soon.

  3. Ian Knight 6 months ago

    Fantastic 1290 superduke r. I have been chasing a high side exhaust to match the "beast" concept but the best I could manage is an English company, which is fantastic but so so loud and lets face it, it's not akraprovic. Can't we generate some momentum to persuade Akraprovic to produce a high side exhaust for this beautiful bike that more closely matches the concept, omitting the low cut out which I believe is the main source of noise. I get mine delivered next month and I'm desperate to stick with Akraprovic rather than another manufacturer but the race Akraprovic exhuast just isn't the same. Please endorse this request and ask the boys!?

  4. Jon Block 6 months ago

    I want to see if rights are available to use an image you had on your site. It is
    the one posted for Finding ‘Beautiful’ Symmetry Near Absolute Zero
    January 12, 2010–pale blue green disk made up of criss-crossing filaments.

    Thanks for your help.


  5. j@y 3 months ago

    hey piers. just some general concern from a fan of your work; its been quiet on your site lately – hope all is well with you?

    • Author
      admin 3 months ago

      hey man, you sure you got the right link? Been posting more than ever!

      • j@y 3 months ago

        yeah – phuck knows what why they didn’t show up in my browser – shift F5 and got a tonne of the recent posts come through. swtaz – just technical issues at my end, then ; Þ

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